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My Promise

Walker REIG, LLC has high customer service standards for providing our customers with quality materials and on-site services. We strive to provide the highest quality, cost-competitive products, and services you need when you need them.

Matthew R. Walker Washington, DC Wallace, NC, Wallace Fire Department Army Pentagon 82nd A



In 2011, as a hobby, Matt began providing quality, low-cost, affordable excavating services and aggregate products to his community's residents. His initial services and market concentrated on his neighborhood residents, family, and friends, providing services mostly on weekends and in his leisure time. In 2019, Matt formally established the business and expanded services throughout multiple regions of Eastern North Carolina, continuing the same vision and goal of providing customers with quality, affordable services and products.


Matt's defining characteristics are integrity and dedication to the service of others. He is a seasoned professional with several years of operational and strategic experience working with military, government, and private entities. Matt is a former U.S. Army Paratrooper and six-tour Veteran of the U.S. Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Matt's expertise concentrates on customer satisfaction and quality standards. He has various professional backgrounds, including property management, information technology, mechanical maintenance, heavy equipment operations, commercial trucking, and public safety. With selfless service as a core value, he spends much time volunteering in several different communities.


Matt was born in Burgaw, NC, and spent much of his early youth living in Wallace, NC. He is the son of the late Moses Walker, a hall-of-fame college golf coach and former business professor at Fayetteville State University, and Reater James, a retired elementary school educator of 30+ years.


Matt is a Wallace-Rose Hill High School graduate and attended Fayetteville Technical Community College graduating with High Honors with an Associate in General Education. Matt later attended Post University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Management. Matt also completed a Criminal Justice Certificate at Reinhardt University and a Contracting Officers Representative Certificate at Defense Acquisition University.

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